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Mr P (the Avatar of Mr Bean) and Too Many Cooks………

Mr P waited anxiously for the door bell to ring. He was nervous about the interview with his new cook.  Mr P had found out long ago that the easiest way to get food cooked and the household chores done was by employing somebody for it. His old cook was bedridden with a broken hip. She had slipped on the liquid from a broken egg that had fallen off the fridge door (courtesy of Mr P who had carefully removed the pieces of egg-shell but forgot all about the liquid originally held within).

When the bell finally rang, Mr P rushed to open the door to find a neatly dressed lady and  he  happily welcomed her in.

“Come in, Come in. You are right on time. Let’s go to the kitchen straight away”, he said and led the meekly obliging lady to the kitchen.

In the kitchen Mr P embarked on his orientation class for new cooks, showing the lady where the utensils and grocery were located, how he liked his eggs cooked and what he wanted for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Every now and then the lady tried to put a word in but Mr P just brushed her doubts away saying, “Don’t you worry! Cooking for me is just a piece of cake!” He never gave her a chance to proceed.

At last, when Mr P was finally out of breath, he stopped talking. Then the door bell rang again. On his way to the door he asked, “Well, do you cook a mean meal? Are you a good cook?”

“I think I am”, said the lady. “But I only cook for my family and myself”.

A puzzled Mr P opened the door to find another lady outside. “I have come for the cook’s job”, said the lady who stood outside.

A totally dismayed Mr P glanced back at the lady who stood inside.

She finally found a chance to say “I just came to say “Hi”. I am your new neighbour. We moved into the opposite flat a couple of days back”.

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