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Humor and satire revolving around Mr P- a fictional mix of an avatar of Mr Bean and the veritable Bertram Wooster of Wodehouse fame.

Why I Blog and My Goals………….


Why do I blog? I blog for many reasons, but mainly I do it for pleasure. Even as a child, I used to enjoy telling stories. Growing up in a small town in south India at a time that was very restrictive, especially for girls, books and imagination were my main pastimes. Being the eldest child, I used to be left in charge of my siblings and young cousins at family gatherings. There was neither television nor computer games available those days, and storytelling was the best way to keep the restless souls enthralled and quiet. Later on in life, when I was blessed with my nieces, I continued to enjoy telling stories to them. My stories were entirely fictitious or embellishments of mundane incidents and were funny, scary or sad tales. (Interestingly, the three blogs that I have now are The Quirky Life of P at, Life’s punches at and Scary tales at

My happiness in seeing my sisters and cousins laugh on hearing my stories was immense. There was a funny character that I had created and named Unni. Unni was as tiny as a little finger but super intelligent and could play all sorts of tricks on terrifying giants and evil monsters. I was thrilled to see the gleam in the eyes of my avid listeners and I laughed with them when they rolled on the floor laughing at my Unni stories. Don’t you feel that your joy unfurls a thousand petals when there are others laughing with you?

Perhaps I am too much of a dreamer, but if I could make a living through blogging, it would be the icing on the cake. There is no harm in wishing and hoping! To succeed in this goal, I also would like to increase my blog followers. Making a special Facebook page as suggested by a fellow blogger seems to be a good idea and I shall try to achieve that. However, obtaining a big following for the blog on Twitter….. Can it be easily done? I’m not sure.

There now, I have given all the main reasons for my blogging.  I know that to keep my blog healthy, I should post at least three times a week. Wouldn’t such restrictions add the pressure and reduce the pleasure of it all? I do not believe in blogging for the sake of blogging but would vouch for blogging by inspiration. Sometimes events, incidents and thoughts that inspire a blog happen in close proximity and, at times, far apart. Some of my posts are on the same day and then I go through months of long dry spells as well.

Now, if I let things continue as such, I may not become a successful blogger. Hence here are my three “laser-focused” goals:

Although I can try to post three times a week, I can promise to myself that I shall post at least once a week.

I will spend at least two hours a week reading the creations of my fellow bloggers and commenting on them.

I will also endeavour to increase my followers by 20 % by October 15, 2014. To achieve this goal, making a special Facebook page for my blog, as suggested by a fellow blogger, seems to be a good strategy and I shall do so.

I wish all my blog classmates of 2014, a wonderful experience at the Blogging 201!

Blogging 201, Branding and Growth: Day One

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