The Quirky Life of P

Humor and satire revolving around Mr P- a fictional mix of an avatar of Mr Bean and the veritable Bertram Wooster of Wodehouse fame.

Lepidopterans in the stomach

 P needed to do something to calm himself down and go to sleep. He had an interview to face in the morning!

New Picture (1)

The butterflies in his tummy he could not still

With chocolate, ice cream or gulab jamun;

Green tea was tried, coffee to the gills

And cider with a dash of cinnamon;

Yet stress couldn’t be rid even with a pill

And anxiety played havoc with his mind.New Picture

He couldn’t read books for his brain was fried,

Nor could he be calmed by music of any kind;

Jogging and blogging were all duly tried,

So was bubble bath and yoga, to empty the mind

The knot in his chest couldn’t be untied

And relaxation indeed was hard to find!


A glass of port for himself he poured;

Gulped it down, followed it by more;

His nerves now soothed and well succoured,

All “portified” he took to snore;

But his interview was sadly soured:

Blame the headache and hangover!New Picture (2)


Big Day Ahead

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5 thoughts on “Lepidopterans in the stomach

  1. Dear P, you are tops!


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