The Quirky Life of P

Humor and satire revolving around Mr P- a fictional mix of an avatar of Mr Bean and the veritable Bertram Wooster of Wodehouse fame.

Choc-a-block of Reader’s Block

New Picture (7)Every time P took a book to read,

His attention was lost with lightning speed;

On books he had nothing contrary,

So anytime he wandered into a library,

He would borrow some and videos

And see movies till the cock crows,

But fall asleep before the turn of a page!

Blame reader’s block or his mature age?


 The following is an excerpt from a previous post

P usually had a lot of expectations about his birthday presents from family and friends, and most of them, if not all, never came true. The jovial person that P was, he usually took things in his stride and whistled through his disappointments. On his last birthday, his neighbour had given him his best wishes and a neatly gift wrapped package over the fence. This was the first ever birthday gift from his neighbour and P opened the package with the required “Oohs” and “Ohs” to show his appreciation. P however, could not prevent his sudden in-drawn breath of shock and the dip in enthusiasm mirrored on his face… The present his neighbour had given him was a book titled “Old Man and the Sea” by somebody named Earnest!

New Picture (6)

Flitting through the blurb his intelligent mind could pick out that it was all about a fellow who went to fish and caught nothing for a long, long time… till he finally caught a big one…………….

 P considered himself to be quite an intellectual, but he could not make any sense of the book. Only the theme of fishing stuck to his mind. 

New Picture (9)After a few bored yawns, P decided to put the book down and set into some sort of action. P went fishing.

Since then, many a time he had sat down with the book and a cup of tea…………… the book served as a lid or coaster for his tea-cup!


Reader’s Block

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