The Quirky Life of P

Humor and satire revolving around Mr P- a fictional mix of an avatar of Mr Bean and the veritable Bertram Wooster of Wodehouse fame.

To Catch A Ghost….

Of ghosts and ghouls Mr P was scared;

To taunt or vex them, he never dared;

But a ghost kept knocking on his window pane

While Poor Mr P tried to sleep in vain.


He talked to the ghost to let him be:

The reason for the haunting he could never see;

But the ghost wouldn’t talk and kept P in shock;

Though all it did, was to simply knock.


Halloween had P in its eerie thrall:

He watched horror movies, all with gall;

But going to bed, he heard the knock again

And screamed aloud as he was scared insane.


To help Mr P, the neighbour came running

They moved to catch the ghost with cunning

As P lay with fright, shaking in his bed,

Knocking started on the window by his head.


The erring spirit was then caught in the act;

It wasn’t a ghost or ghoul- was the plain fact;

An old coat rack was all that they caught,

Banging on the panes, making P distraught.


For more details please read earlier post: Mr P catches a ghost!



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4 thoughts on “To Catch A Ghost….

  1. Tell Mr. P he can relax now that Halloween is over now. LOL. Cute poem, for sure. 😉 Mr. P might want to move the coat rack though.


  2. Hi,
    Enjoy your blog hence have nominated you for One Lovely blog Award, if you wish to accept the nomination read the details here : 🙂


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