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Humor and satire revolving around Mr P- a fictional mix of an avatar of Mr Bean and the veritable Bertram Wooster of Wodehouse fame.

No good news…

Bad Signal

Someone’s left you a voicemail message, but all you can make out are the last words: “I’m sorry. I should’ve told you months ago. Bye.” Who is it from, and what is this about? – Daily Prompt

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Hearing just those words, threw him into a panic.

“I’m sorry, I should’ve told you months ago. Bye.”

Was all P could pick from the background static,

As he replayed his sister’s message, again and again.


Random thoughts through his spine sent a chill,

Had somebody beloved, passed away?

Was somebody beloved, terminally ill?

Or was it just he, who was in very deep trouble?  


He rang his sister who had just the other day,

Been for a visit and tidied up his home;

He was anxious to find what she had now to say,

He cringed as she told him what he needed to know.


“Oh! For months, I’ve meant to tell you,

 Do get rid of your old dressing gown!

It’s full of holes, go get something new;

And take to the Salvation Army in town,

The bag of old clothes, before they get mildew.”


For a deeper understanding of this post, please read my earlier one: written in response to Daily Prompt – Let it Be.

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6 thoughts on “No good news…

  1. I hope P finds a very nice dressing gown 🙂


  2. Either you have a lot of talent, relative to rhyming, or you constantly think of words to rhyme with each other, either way, hats off to P for keeping up with the tempo. The orples got some shocking news themselves. It’s a good thing they don’t wear nightgowns. Olivia would be horrified to ever have one with a hole in it, being the little perfectionist that she is. 😉


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