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The lady needs help!

Mr P stopped his car. Frantically grabbing his phone, he ran in through the broken fence.



New Picture

The driver ahead of him had crashed into the vacant land and had not emerged out!





Mr P reached the car, breathless. His jaw fell open.


The lady was still …… 


…………on her cell phone!!!!



Who said silence is golden?……

interview1“Why do you think you are the best person for this job?” asked the chairperson of the interview panel.

Mr P fidgeted in his seat. He looked at his interrogator and the other three people on the interview panel.

They had their eyes trained on him waiting for his reply.

Mr P could feel his hands becoming clammy. He was sweating and nervous. His mind had become totally blank and he could not find anything in response.

He was very tired after the long drive from Adelaide to Horsham near Melbourne. While driving he had been going over and over again the probable questions and apt answers in his mind.

The night before as well, he had stayed up late studying the position description and the selection criteria for the job. He had believed that he was very well prepared to face the toughest job interviews and was all smiles when he walked in to face the interview board. One factor in the selection criteria was about being a good team player and Mr P wanted to present himself as a very jovial fellow.

After the introductions however, the bonhomie had started slowly dissolving as question after question was put to Mr P without getting a response. It seemed as though the cat had got his tongue.


“Surely, you have the right qualifications….” one kind looking lady in the panel prodded as if to give him a cue.

Only able to nod his head, Mr P remained tongue-tied.

“And your experience is very strong and relevant….” prodded the lady again.

Continuing to nod, Mr P grabbed the glass of water on the table and took a few gulps.

As if unable to bear Mr P’s embarrassment, the panel members now had their eyes fixed on their notepads on the table.

After gulping the water down Mr P cleared his throat and everybody in the interview panel looked up at Mr P eagerly and expectantly waiting to hear something they thought he was about to say. However, he only smiled back at them.

“Do you have any questions regarding the position?” the chairperson asked.

“Yes, nothing was mentioned in the job advertisement about the salary. May I know what salary I can expect?” asked Mr P in his stentorian voice.


                                                                                                What is the pay like?????

Only Mr P’s eager heartbeat could be heard in the deep silence in the room for a long time!

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