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To Catch A Ghost….

Of ghosts and ghouls Mr P was scared;

To taunt or vex them, he never dared;

But a ghost kept knocking on his window pane

While Poor Mr P tried to sleep in vain.


He talked to the ghost to let him be:

The reason for the haunting he could never see;

But the ghost wouldn’t talk and kept P in shock;

Though all it did, was to simply knock.


Halloween had P in its eerie thrall:

He watched horror movies, all with gall;

But going to bed, he heard the knock again

And screamed aloud as he was scared insane.


To help Mr P, the neighbour came running

They moved to catch the ghost with cunning

As P lay with fright, shaking in his bed,

Knocking started on the window by his head.


The erring spirit was then caught in the act;

It wasn’t a ghost or ghoul- was the plain fact;

An old coat rack was all that they caught,

Banging on the panes, making P distraught.


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Trick or Trick

P’s tryst with ghosts…

“There are no ghosts”, P muttered to himself. He was thinking of the incident some time ago when he had believed otherwise ( However, in the end it had been proven that what had scared him to a blubbering nervous wreck had not been a ghost at all. Now though, he needed to convince himself again. Some strange events were happening at his home.

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A few weeks ago, he had woken up in the morning and had walked into the lounge to find that the ceiling fan was turned on at full speed and had been going all night. Briefly his thoughts had hovered on the idea of ghosts. Only briefly, but he had pushed the idea away soon.

“There are no ghosts”, he had told himself as he analysed the situation and could not rule out the possibility that he himself could be the culprit, forgetting to turn off the fan before he retired to bed at night.

Then, a couple of days later, he had woken up in the morning and walked into the kitchen to find that someone had already turned the light on.

“There are no ghosts”, he had told himself again. “Perhaps I had not turned it off last night” he tried to convince himself and shifted the blame on to his absent-mindedness arising from sleepless nights watching world cup football.

Things however seemed to take a turn for the worse after that. The electric door bell started to ring even at odd hours and P would rush to the door only to find that there was nobody there. The previous night was exceptionally scary with all the settings of a horror movie. There was a thunder-storm which by itself could have kept P awake. The interspersed sound of the door bell ringing every now and then, added to the eeriness of the sounds of the wind, the rain and the thunder. “There are no ghosts”, P kept murmuring to himself as he lay curled under his blankets, his eyes tightly closed and his fingers plugging his ears to block out the sounds.

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After a very bad night of lying awake, shaking with fright, P rang his neighbour in the morning to find if he knew of any exorcist who could be contacted. His neighbour listened silently to P’s problems and in the end said consolingly, “Don’t worry. I’ll get someone to come over there and sort things out”.

Within an hour the door bell rang again, but this time there was a finger that had pressed the button for the bell and the finger belonged to a very stout individual who carried a back-pack.

“Did my neighbour send you over?” asked P.

“Yes, he described the problem to me. Can I look at all the connections here please?”

“Sure, go ahead” said P. “Well, I hope you have brought all your equipment and stuff… You know … things like ‘holy water’…I don’t have those things handy…”

The visitor gave P a strange look. “I have brought everything that I would need” he muttered and putting his gear down, he started inspecting the wiring and connections.

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On the wall outside, there was a small box for integrating circuits from the door bell and the lamps outside. The cover of that box had cracked and from it something similar to the end of a twisted ribbon was hanging out. Every time there was a strong breeze, the bit of ribbon would flutter.

The visitor grabbed some tools from his bag and tweaked out the ribbon from the box. He then came back to P and said “It is all done now. Your door bell will not ring again unless somebody pressed the button”, he smiled.

“I think that is the fastest exorcism the world would have seen,” P said appreciatively. “And you didn’t even have to use any holy water!”

The man gave P a puzzled look. He seemed to be confounded with confusion. But then he shrugged it off and said “Your door bell was ringing because of that ribbon like thing inside that circuit box. Every time it moved in the wind, the circuit would be triggered to ring the bell”

““There are no ghosts! I knew it!” P said.

“I am not so sure” said the electrician “You know, that ribbon in the box that was ringing you door bell ….. it was once a small snake”…

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From the Top

Mr P Catches a Ghost!


This Halloween Mr P had finished all the sweets he had bought. He did not need any kids to scare him. He was already scared of the ghost who was haunting his bedroom since he moved in there. Mr P could not sleep because of the ghost. Every time Mr P moved in his bed, the ghost would tap on the window and send him curling to form a shaking, shivering ball under his blanket…… Strangely the ghost hesitated in coming out of his bedroom and he heard the knocks only from the bedroom window, especially when he turned out the lights and lay down in his bed.Things got so bad that Mr P sought out all sorts of excuses for sleeping on the couch in the living room, or prolonging the time he stayed out of his bedroom.

On this particular night, after having finished all the sweets watching the scary Halloween special movies, Mr P had finally gathered up some courage to go to bed and had brushed his teeth. He had spread his washed towel on the clothes stand by his bed and was wiping his hands on it when the knocking started. Mr P screamed and ran out of the room. He was shivering, crouched on the sofa in the living room when he heard another knock and screamed again before realizing that the latest knock was coming from the front door. He went and opened the door and saw his friend and neighbour who had come to investigate the screams. Through chattering teeth, a trembling Mr P told his friend Chris about the ghost and Chris agreed to check it out. They walked into the bedroom. There was no sign of the ghost anywhere and there was no knocking sound when both of them stood still in the room and waited, holding their breaths.

Then Mr P suggested that the ghost could be waiting for him to get into his bed before it started knocking. Chris asked him to get into his bed to stir the ghost up and Mr P obliged. As soon as Mr P climbed into his bed, they heard a knocking sound coming from the window. Every time he moved in his bed the ghost did not seem to like it and kept knocking on the window. While Mr P shivered and slid under his blanket, Chris moved close to the window to catch the ghost in the act of knocking. And he did! It was the coat rack!

The coat rack that Mr P had inherited from his grandfather and kept next to his bed was touching the bed. It was wobbly and it moved every time there was the slightest movement on the bed and a part of the other end of the stand knocked on the window bar! No wonder there were loud knocks at night that woke Mr P up from his dreams of playing soccer. Bear in mind, Mr P kicks around a lot with his legs when he is sleeping. Anyway, the long and short of it is that Mr P was very glad HE had knocked off the knocking ghost!

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